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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Keeping Updated, Subscribe to blogs

If you want to find new posts made on this blog.. click on SUBSCRIBE under any post and it will create what is called a LIVE BOOKMARK. You put your mouse over the bookmark and it shows you recent blog entry titles. That way you don't have to actually LOAD the blog, or you can go backwards a bit and check something you might have missed also!

There's people checking out this blog every day so it definitely is something I'll keep up with, the past season was a start.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

DECC Funding missed *AGAIN*

from Northland Newscenter website (click title to go there):

May 22, 2007 - Posted 8:52 a.m., DULUTH - For the second straight year, there is no funding for the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center expansion.

While lawmakers did finish all their must pass–bills, the House did not pass the bonding bill because time ran out thanks to long debates on other bills.

Lawmakers rushed through bills providing billions of dollars for public schools, nursing homes and state colleges, with the goal of passing an on–time budget.

But, House members did not override the governor's veto of an increase in the gas tax.

The Republican governor reserves the right to use his veto power to slim down the budget, since he did not have final approval.

If he decides to scuttle an entire bill, it would force a special session.

In the Senate, Democrats and Republicans offered each other compliments and stood in unison to applaud the end of session.

This is getting stupid.. people should already have figured out that Pawlenty doesn't know anything about the area north of Hinckley.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


While fishing season only starts this Saturday

The 07-08 Women's Hockey SCHEDULE is out!

The schedule features Mercyhurst the 3rd week of the season IN DULUTH! and St. Lawrence AT St. Lawrence in the middle of December. I hate to see Harvard off the schedule but having Mercyhurst AND St. Lawrence on it is great for UMD hockey.

They'll get to see early how they look, then in December they'll know where they're at going into Winter Break.

The Gopher series are close together which is weird. The Ridder Arena series is October 26/27 while the DECC series is only 3 weeks later November 17th/18th.

The upcoming season will be a little different in that.. there are a *LOT* more Saturday doubleheaders than I can remember in the past. Just glimpsing at a copy of the men's schedule I have... I believe there are 5 Saturday doubleheaders this season.

Once again, by the way, the women's WCHA tourney starts the Feb 29th and if UMD has a home seed will probably end up at Mars again, the Men have North Dakota at home those nights. It should be the only series that will end up outside of the DECC this year.

You can go view the complete schedule by clicking on the blog title. I'm sure I'll post it on this blog in September when everyone's hockey blood is beginning to stir!