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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Harvard weekend previews

The weekend series preview from UMDBulldogs.com is up now.

I would imagine the games are on KDAL this weekend since the Men's team is in Alaska and won't start until and hour and half after the women are done. Go to WARPRADIO.com and try KDAL and if that one isn't playing the game put in WDSM and it will be there.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Harvard Crimson newspaper article

Since there isn't a UMDBulldogs.com preview for the Harvard series, I went and found an article on Harvard's student newspaper 'The Crimson' online.

The article is HERE and talks some about UMD, and that "December is the cruelest month"

Katey Stone, the Harvard coach is quoted in the article (about UMD):
Duluth will be the only team from the west that the Crimson will face all season.

“I don’t know if [playing the Bulldogs] is any more significant than playing UNH and Dartmouth,” Stone said. “You don’t have a whole lot of option with the scheduling and you take what you can get.”

Duluth boasts the nation’s deepest and most talented goaltending corps with senior Riita Schaublin and freshman Kim Martin, the young hotshot responsible for Sweden’s stunning elimination of the U.S. in the semifinals of the Olympic tournament back in February and the shutout of the Badgers this weekend.

“Duluth has a couple of Olympians and is right up there in the top 10,” said co-captain Julie Chu after Saturday’s game. “We absolutely need to bring our best game.”

Jessica Koizumi WCHA.com offensive player of the week

While they snubbed Martin, WCHA.com did name Jessica Koizumi as the offensive player of the week. I believe they named Koizumi because they didn't the previous weekend when she had 5 goals against Mankato (4 in the Friday tie). UMDBULLDOGS.com Koizumi award blurb.

Harvard weekend preview from umdbulldogs.com I'll post when I get home this evening.. its' not up yet on their website

Kim Martin USCHO.com Defensive Player of the Week

For her efforts against Wisconsin, Kim Martin was named the USCHO.com DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK! WCHA.com snubbed her of the weekly award, giving it to a goaltender at Bemidji State who shut out a team who had been shut out 8 times already this season.

USCHO's text:
Defensive Player of the Week
Kim Martin — Minnesota-Duluth
Kim Martin

Thanksgiving weekend produced more top-notch goaltending performances than any other this season, but one stood out above the rest. Freshman Kim Martin, best known for her role in Sweden's Olympic semifinal upset of the United States, proved she could be just as dominant in the college game with a 25-save shutout of No. 1 Wisconsin. The result snapped a 26-game Badger unbeaten streak and a four-game UMD winless streak. The Stockholm native followed up with 32-saves in a 1-0 loss on Saturday. For the season, Martin now leads the nation with a 1.02 goals against average and a .962 save percentage.

Monday, November 27, 2006

UMD ranked 7th!

With their victory over Wisconsin Friday, UMD has jumped back up to 7th from 10th in the USCHO.com women's hockey poll. They're tied with St. Lawrence University for the 7th spot going into the Harvard series.

WCHA Standings November 27th

Today, I'm going to attempt thanks to collegehockeystats html source (they can come beat me up if they want) code, the WCHA standings table THEY use. I know little about tables without stealing someones code unfortunatley. Maybe some day I'll have a month or two to learn some of that.

WCHA Women - 2006-2007 Standings

                         Conference Only                    Overall
Pts GP Record Win% GF- GA GP Record Win% GF- GA

1 Wisconsin 25 14 12- 1- 1 .893 57- 20 16 14- 1- 1 .906 65- 21
2 Minnesota Duluth 19 14 9- 4- 1 .679 51- 21 14 9- 4- 1 .679 51- 21
3 Minnesota 15 10 7- 2- 1 .750 33- 18 14 10- 3- 1 .750 50- 30
4 Ohio State 13 12 6- 5- 1 .542 32- 26 16 10- 5- 1 .656 55- 31
5 Minnesota State 7 12 3- 8- 1 .292 31- 41 15 5- 9- 1 .367 46- 49
St. Cloud State 7 12 3- 8- 1 .292 29- 49 16 6- 8- 2 .438 49- 52
7 Bemidji State 5 8 2- 5- 1 .312 18- 33 14 4- 8- 2 .357 29- 49
8 North Dakota 1 10 0- 9- 1 .050 8- 51 14 2-11- 1 .179 19- 62

Ok.. it cut off the 'overall' column but I only wanted the WCHA standings anyway :)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

News Tribune Saturday Wisconsin Article

Today's News Tribune article. Again it's a phone interview with coach Shannon Miller.

From the article
“It was really more their offense than defense,” UMD coach Shannon Miller said by telephone. “They really controlled the puck and controlled the game. We played really good defense. We were on penalty kill for nine minutes in the second period. We did a fantastic job on PK. After that there was no wind in our sails. Nothing left in the legs.”

It also says Suvi Vacker could be out 6 weeks with her knee injury... yikes, but.. it could have been worse.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

UMD loses 1-0

UMD lost the 2nd game to Wisconsin 1-0 today. The game was good, even though UMD got outshot by a bunch. Kim Martin gave them a chance to win the game anyway.

Suvi Vacker went down with a knee injury, they wrapped her knee and then players helped her off the ice, rather than a stretcher or anything like that. Waggoner took a checking from behind penalty also, so UMD played a large part of the game with 4 defensemen.

News Tribune article, Victory over Wisconsin

It's really short, and only a telephone interview with Miller, but it's still something. The article for Friday's UMD victory!

Friday, November 24, 2006

UMD Ends Wisconsin's 26 Game Unbeaten Streak

UMD beat Wisconsin 2-0 today for Wisconsin's first loss in 26 games. Kim Martin got the shutout win, stopping 25 shots for the Dogs.

Jessica Koizumi kept her hot streak going, scoring the game winning goal early in the 2nd period on the powerplay.

UMDBULLDOGS.com game recap


News Tribune Koizumi/Marin article

Today's News Tribune article focuses on Marin and Koizumi's relationship as best friends, foosball opponents, and linemates.

On their lack of success in the NCAA tournament:

Both arrived as freshman the season following UMD’s last Frozen Four title. In 2003 the Bulldogs won their third consecutive national title. The past two years UMD has fallen during the regional tournament. The void plagues both players.

“Of course we want to be really good leaders and take things up a notch from last season,” Koizumi said. “We’re trying right now to make it a serious point to our teammates how important it is to win every single game that we’re supposed to win. To be serious and prepare for the games — it doesn’t matter who we play. We both remember freshman year. We want to make it serious. This is our last season and we both want [national championship] rings. We are not leaving this school not having rings.”

No info on Lanzl, Martin, Hough or Jubinville's injuries so we'll have to wait and see (or hear if you're listening to the game on the radio.)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Weekend preview up now

The UMDbulldogs.com preview for the Wisconsin series is up...

BULLDOG NOTES: Minnesota Duluth failed to get back into the win column last weekend as the Bulldogs skated to a 5-5 tie against Minnesota State-Mankato on Friday and lost 5-3 to the Mavericks on Saturday. Friday’s tie was the first time that Minnesota State has taken a conference point at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center, with Saturday’s win marking the first time that Minnesota State-Mankato has defeated the Bulldogs at the DECC in the all-time series between the teams. In Friday’s contest, senior forward Jessica Koizumi scored four of the Bulldogs five goals, while sophomore forward Sara O’Toole scored UMD’s other goal. Koizumi also scored a goal in Saturday’s loss and junior forward Karine Demeule and freshman forward Saara Tuominen scored UMD’s other two goals. Freshman forward Elin Holmlov had a total of six assists over the weekend. Senior goaltender Riitta Schaublin took the loss in both games for the Bulldogs, moving her record to 4-2-1 on the season.

WISCONSIN NOTES: The Badgers extended their school-record unbeaten streak to 26 games with a weekend sweep at Bemidji State last weekend. Wisconsin skated past the Beavers 6-2 on Saturday and 4-2 on Sunday to earn its fifth sweep in six conference series this season. In Wisconsin's two wins over BSU, the line of Meghan Duggan, Erika Lawler and Angie Keseley combined for 13 points (five goals, eight assists). Senior Sara Bauer and junior Jinelle Zaugg continue to rank first and second in the nation in points, respectively. Bauer leads the country in points with 26 and assists with 19 while Zaugg is second in both goals (13) and points (21).

UMD Heads to Madison

There isn't a weekend preview up yet from either team, but UMDBulldogs.com women's hockey page usually has it up already so it could be any time now.

There were rumors that Michaela Lanzl might be ready to play for this weekend, and hopefully that's true.... also, UMD needs Samantha Hough as well. Hough didn't play Saturday after making her return from knee surgery Friday, and there weren't any reports as to soreness etc that kept her out Saturday so I guess we're all SOL until someone says something.

Still haven't seen any Kim Martin news either, hopefully she's recovering from whatever injury she suffered at the 4 Nations Cup tournament. If not, I believe in Riitta Schaublin's game enough to say that the series against Mankato was a fluke series for her.

Wisconsin coach Mark Johnson was quoted during his weekly press conference, about the UMD rivalry, in contrast to the Gopher rivalry...

JOHNSON: Yeah. In the four-plus years I’ve been coaching, the games against Duluth, even my first year, when they had several Olympic players and a very good team and defending national champions, they’re always competitive games. They’re fun. It brings both teams’ level of play up.

And when you compete against one of the top clubs in the country, it’s a fun week of preparation because the players get excited about competing against Duluth or Minnesota, maybe just a little bit more than some of the other teams. And obviously some of the games we’ve had over the last three or four years helps the intensity of the rivalry.

The rest of that interview, while not pertaining to UMD is HERE.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

USCHO Women's thread

The original UMD women's thread on the USCHO fan forum has been retired with 1001 posts. WOW! The NEW THREAD is up and I've decided to do it by season instead of one long 2+ yr thread.

The old threadlasted exactly 1 week LESS than 2 years!

News Tribune Mankato Saturday story

The NEWS TRIBUNE article from Saturday's game, without any Coach Miller, or player, interviews/comments.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mankato beats UMD, takes 3 pts on the weekend.

Tonight.. UMD deserved to lose, which they did. The ref (Ludwig) didn't call much of anything on EITHER team. UMD turned the puck over a ton, and the defense was even sloppier than last night. Jessica Hawkins was the only player who seemed to have any step on the Mankato skaters at all.

Riitta had a rough weekend, that I don't remember her having in the past. A lot of times she might bail a sloppy defensive play.

Samantha Hough didn't play tonight, her knee must not have responded the next day.

Britni Kehler covered up all rebounds for Mankato tonight. She was a biggest reason (besides UMD being sloppy) that Mankato got 3 pts this weekend.

This is *not* how you want to be, heading to Wisconsin.

News Tribune Friday game story

Friday's News tribune game article

Friday, November 17, 2006

UMD/Mankato tie 5-5...

Same as my USCHO post, except for the *last* line...

Game ends in a 5-5 tie......

Chris Perrault could have reffed this game better than this Robert(I think that's his name) Ludwig guy. UMD deserved the penalties THEY took, but he missed an obvious checking from behind that happened right in front of him, a couple 2 handed slashes, and had to THINK about making calls when it came to Mankato penalties.

One instance, Riitta Schaublin got slashed after the whistle.. he waits 15 seconds then skates behind the player and decides she should take a slashing penalty. UMD looked rusty coming off the week off, but still if they would have lost, I wouldn't' say Mankato beat them as much as the no-calls against Mankato would have been the reason. This isn't the normal, my team got screwed whining either, he literally didn't get much right tonight.

In another instance, Mankato tried to dump the puck in, it went off Koizumi who was on the bench and down the ice and Mankato got a scoring chance.... guess who was standing right next to the UMD bench? Ludwig, of course.

The game stats aren't up yet but the shots were close to 40 apiece.

Koizumi had skate problems right after her game tying goal with 7 seconds left in the 3rd, and had to miss a shift in the overtime.

Koizumi was huge, scoring 4 goals tonight. Her 2nd goal was the great...Blais had the puck and was on the sideboards, Koizumi was behind the net and they made eye contact and Blais made a perfect pass to Koizumi who moved into a spot wide open for an almost empty netter.

Welcome back #17.

(The one thing not in my USCHO post:)
I think I just flushed a Ludwig.

News Tribune Series Preview

Lots of good stuff in the News Tribune article for the Mankato series. Three big notes, first Samantha Hough should be back tonight, and Kim Martin has an injury from the 4 nations cup that will keep her sidelined this weekend. The other big note is that Julianne Jubinville:

* Jubinville, a senior forward who remains sidelined with a concussion, must be symptom-free for two weeks before she will be allowed to return.

Check out the full ARTICLE

Also, the weekend preview which says Michaela Lanzl is still out with her own injuries from a few weeks ago in St. Cloud.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

UMDBulldogs.com Weekend Preview, New Recruit early signings

The UMDBULLDOGS.COM page is up, as well as an article about the Early Signing Period:

UMD announced on Wednesday (Nov. 15) that forwards Haley Irwin (Thunder Bay, ONT), Marie-AndreƩ Leclerc-Auger (Sherbrooke, QUE) and defenseman Tara Gray (Toronto, ONT) have signed national letters of intent to play for the Bulldogs starting in the 2007-08 season.

UMD/Mankato weekend preview (from Mankato's website)

UMDBulldogs.com doesn't have the weekend preview up yet, but Mankato's website has their version of the weekend preview posted.

MSU-UMD Series: The Mavericks are 2-27-2 against the Bulldogs all-time. Earlier this season, Minnesota Duluth captured wins of 3-1 and 6-1 at All Seasons Arena on Oct. 6-7. Last season the Mavericks went 0-3-1 against the Bulldogs, earning a 3-3 tie at home on Feb. 24. The Mavericks’ two wins came in 2003-04, when they opened the regular-season by sweeping the visiting Bulldogs, 4-3 and 3-2.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

UMDBulldogs.com 4 Nations story

UMDBulldogs.com has a 4 nations cup story online about the players who took part in the tournament. Click on the title of the blog entry as always to go to the link.

DECC Arena News Tribune 11/14

Today's News Tribune mentions the DECC being something that needs to be a top priority on the states lists this winter.

FROM the article (whole article can be found by clicking blog entry title)
In May, lawmakers failed to find money for the DECC expansion in the waning moments of the 2006 session.

Since then, legislators have said the project would be a top priority. And Gov. Tim Pawlenty said the expansion was “95 percent” sure, although he said that months before his narrow re-election win. In the meantime,construction costs for the project have gone up about $5 million.

University of Minnesota Duluth officials have said they need a new hockey arena in order to stay competitive in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association. The expansion project calls for a 6,630-seat arena and a 700-car parking ramp.

The project would have to come in the form of an emergency borrowing bill, as lawmakers don’t normally draw up a major project list until 2008. The state money would be matched by an increase in the city food and beverage tax, which Duluth voters OK’d but legislators would also need to approve.

Rep. Mike Jaros, DFL-Duluth, said the DECC remains a high priority. But the deal needs Pawlenty’s help, he said.

Former Senate majority leader Dean Johnson of Willmar liked the project, but he was defeated last week. Walli’s job this session will be to get the project on the desk of Sen. Larry Pogemiller, DFL-Minneapolis, the new majority leader. Pogemiller is “very familiar with our projects,” Walli told councilors Monday afternoon.

Snow/Rain forecast Friday/Saturday

Just a note to anyone who might be heading north from Mankato, the forecast is for steady rain/snow Friday and Saturday in Duluth. That doesn't mean don't come watch your team, it just means drive safe ;)


If you're looking for New *OR* game used college jerseys, whether football, basketball, or of course HOCKEY (they're building a hockey collection), check out collegejerseys.com

4 Nations Cup, one last look

The same post as my USCHO.com post:

One last look at 4 nations cup... and UMD current and former players who played IN it in their teams' 4 games. I was gonna post this yesterday but got busy in the afternoon...
In no certain order, but by national team instead

Heidi Pelttari 2 goals
Nora Tallus didn't score
Saara Tuominen had 2 goals 2 assists
Mari Pehkonen(i know, only spent 1 year here) 1 goal 2 assists

Elin Holmlov 2 goals
Maria Rooth 2 goals 2 assists
Erika Holst 2 goals 1 assist
Kim Martin 2 games 10 GA 74/84 shots 88% 1-1 record (Beat Finland, lost to Team USA)

Rachael Drazan, while no longer a Bulldog, played but didnt' score in 4 games.

Caroline Ouellette scored 4 goals and 3 assists.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Canada beats Team USA 5-2

It took Team USA to be down 4-0 before they scored a couple goals, but.. they lost the gold medal game 5-2 with Chandra Gunn in net. Natalie Darwitz and Kristin King scored the Team USA goals. Caroline Ouelette had a goal and assist, and Kim St-Pierre got the win for Canada.

Now that the 4 Nations Cup is over, we can look forward to next weekend's UMD series with "Minnesota State" Mankato.

Search box

Just a quick reminder that you can go to the bottom of any blog page and use the search box to find either stuff ON the blog, or stuff on the internet with GOOGLE. Just use the little bubble and choose the blog, OR on GOOGLE and find the information you want that way. :)

USA/Canada Final 3 pm CST

The USA/Canada 4 nations cup final starts at 3 pm CENTRAL, 4 Eastern. Hockeycanada's live stats page for the final is HERE

Canada won the opening game 3-0 over Team USA, and so far it hasn't been at least announced on the sheet if Gunn or Vogt (who played better the first game against Canada ) will be the starting goaltender.

The Bronze medal game between Sweden/Finland livestats is HERE

Sweden dominated their first matchup 8-3 and is up 1-0 right now halfway through the first period.

Friday, November 10, 2006

USA/Canada 4 Nations Cup final set

TEAM USA in a way, got it's revenge on Sweden, beating them 7-0 today to set up a USA/Canada 4 nations cup gold medal game. Erika Lawler is the only Team USA player to score 2 goals in the game, with 6 players scoring a goal. Krissy Wendell and Natalie Darwitz' names flood the score sheet with assits though. Wendell had 5 assists and Darwitz had 3. Kim Martin took the loss for Sweden, stopping 41 of 48 shots.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

New DECC Arena, time to push Pawlenty

Now that the elections are over, and he was elected again, its' time to put pressure on Pawlenty concerning the new DECC Arena funding. He promised it last year and bailed on Duluth. Even though I'm not a Duluth resident, most of the money I do spend from September through March happens to be IN Duluth.

THIS ARTICLE by Bob Kelleher of Minnesota Public Radio from February of 06 mentions Pawlenty's support just before Duluth residents voted *FOR* the 1/2 percent restaurant sales tax that would pay for Duluth's half of the arena.

Pawlenty had said Duluth had to solve their employee health care crisis before he'd ever support an arena, which is stupid, because they're two totally different subjects. One which Duluth itself has to pay for and fix, and another which residents have voted to pay for themselves through the downtown sales tax.

Anyway, its' time to start pushing now, rather than wait for Pawlenty to do something.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Team USA beats Finland 5-2

Behind 2 goals and 1 assist from Krissy Wendell and 1 goal 3 assists from Natalie Darwitz Team USA beat Finland 5-2. Game stats of course can be found HERE

Shari Vogt played the whole game in net for the win.

Team USA (and the other 3 teams) are off tomorrow, but Canada does play Sweden tonight.

USA/Finland underway

The hockey canada site doesn't have it hot linked.. but today's USA/FINLAND game that's midway through the first period livestats IS up on that website at THIS LINK

Forgot to mention Suvi Vacker playing for Team Finland yesterday, of course, shes in the game against Team USA also

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Team USA loses to Canada

Team USA dropped it's first game, to Canada, 3-0. They were outshot 42-16 in the game. Chandra Gunn and Shari Vogt split the game in net for Team USA.

Team USA was 0/10 on the powerplay and Team Canada was 1/13, so there were 23 powerplays in the 60 minute hockey game.....

Live stats working good

The live stats on the link I posted before is working really well, so it should work for all of the games in the tournament just go to THIS SITE and click on the game you want to see the stats from.

Team USA is down 2-0 after the first period

Team USA vs Team Canada live stats

The Team USA vs Canada game starts at 6:30 pm CST, 7:30 Eastern time, and LIVE STATS are availble for the game HERE from hockeycanada.ca

Stats/results from the rest of the games and the tournament are available HERE

While supporting UMD players and former players on all the teams, since it's Canada vs USA....

Sweden beats Finalnd 8-3

Go Dogs! Elin Holmlov scored 2 goals, Maria Rooth and Erica Holst each scored one, and Kim Martin stopped 13 of 16 (ok, so that's not that high a %) in Sweden's 8-3 win over Finland in the four nations cup.

Saara Tuominen had a goal and an assist, while Heidi Pelttari (Bulldog come January) scored 2 goals for Finland in the game.

Game stats are available by clicking HERE

Monday, November 06, 2006

Don't forget to vote!

If you read this on Monday, November 6th, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE Tomorrow! :) As always, if you don't vote, you can't complain.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Firefox Browser

Just reminding people that Firefox is the best way to view most if not all blogspot blogs. Firefox's popup blocker works better than anything from Internet Explorer or running an extra program.

Four Nations Cup Schedule

Hockey Canada has the best Four Nations Cup coverage so far, with the main page HERE Team USA plays Team Canada Tuesday night with Sweden and Finland playing the early game.

If you're lucky enough to get TSN you can watch the USA/Canada game and the gold medal game (Nov 11)as well.

TNS.CA also has a decent Four Nations Cup coverage, at least with the "rankings" and a schedule on their page HERE

I still haven't found any way to listen to games or anything on the Internet...

Mississauga Aeros beat Team Sweden 7-0

I'm going to try and keep up (posting)with some of the Four Nations Cup this week since there's no Bulldog action. I won't be anywhere near Kitchener,Ontario but I'll post any articles I find.

Team Sweden lost 7-0 in the game to the Mississauga Aeros of the NWHL Saturday. Obviously they didn't have their #1 goaltender Kim Martin. There's no story on the game yet.. but there might be on the Aeros website at http://www.aeroshockey.org/MississaugaAeros/aeros_team_news.html where I found the score.

News Tribune Saturday article

The story from Saturday's game, in the News Tribune. UMD is now off until the 17th/18th against Mankato. Friday night's game is at 7:30 because of the Christmas City of the North parade. Get to the DECC parking lot early, between 4:30 and 5, then you can hang out by the William A Irvin/or the KBJR(NBC) building where there's bleachers and they televise the parade from, or walk the skywalk out to Superior street and watch some of the parade.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gophers finish sweep of UMD 1-0

UMD dropped the 2nd game of the series 1-0 today in what sounds like it was a great game... more when the game article(s) get posted.

UMDbulldogs.com Friday game story

The umdbulldogs.com game story is up.. click the thread title to go read it

Friday, November 03, 2006

UMD drops first game 5-3

UMD started out 2-0 but ended up dropping their first game of the year to the Goofers, 5-3. I watched the men's team lose to the Goofers 3-2 at the DECC so I'll wait until the News Tribune and/or UMDbulldogs.com reports and post those tomorrow during the day

St Paul Pioneer Press preview

The Pioneer Press has about as small a preview for the weekend as the News Tribune does.

News Tribune Weekend Preview

The News Tribune weekend preview is online with *NO* mention of Kim Martin not being at Ridder for the weekend. There also aren't any 'probable' lines posted, though the article does say Lanzl is out indefinitely, so she won't be playing of course this weekend. The article is HERE.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kim Martin in Canada Saturday?

Since I don't know who left the comment, I'll just thank whoever it was for the comment with the story of Kim Martin's Team Sweden playing agaisnt a NWHL team Saturday night, and her advertised to be there. I guess we'll only see when it happens. The article follows and is available by clicking on the title here

The Mississauga News
Nov 1, 2006

The Mississauga Aeros survived a shaky start last night in National Women's Hockey League action at Malton Arena to take a 3-1 decision from the Oakville Ice.

After falling behind 1-0, the Aeros fought back with goals from Kelly Bechard, Jen Botterill and Kate Algood. Sarah Love earned the victory in goal.

On Sunday afternoon the Aeros pounded the visiting Ottawa Raiders 7-1.

Mallory Deluce scored twice for the winners. Other Mississauga scorers included Sommer West, Heather Logan, Jen Raimondi, Bechard and Haley Irwin.

The Mississauga Aeros host Team Sweden in an international exhibition hockey game this Saturday at Iceland Arena beginning at 7 p.m.

Sweden won the silver medal in women's hockey at the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, upsetting the United States in the semi-finals. Sensational goalkeeper Kim Martin will be in the line-up for Sweden.

Of course, Canada won the gold medal in Torino with current Mississauga Aeros Cheryl Pounder, Botterill and Sami Jo Small making contributions.

Admission to the Aeros vs. Team Sweden game is free.

The Other side's weekend preview

The Goofers weekend preview from gophersports.com is available by clicking on the title of this entry. They're giving free entry to anyone with a Gopher football ticket stub to Saturday night's game... I guess that's a little consolation to fans who've watched Mason's team play like crap all year?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

UMDbulldogs.com weekend preview

The UMDbulldogs.com game preview is online, you can click the title of this entry to go see it, or click HERE.

UMD is ranked 4th and UMTC is ranked 8th in the current USCHO polls.

UMTC (for now) holds a 16-13-4 advantage in overall head to head matchups.

FogDog Sports