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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bulldogs beat Whitecaps 6-1

While watching the NHL playoffs last year I decided I liked the 2 referee system. Tonight watching the Bulldog/Whitecap game, I've decided that women's hockey does NOT need the 2 referee system. The 2 referee system will only work if both of them are on the same page.

UMD beat an under-manned Whitecap team 6-1 tonight at the DECC. The game was tied 0-0 after the first period with UMD outshooting them 17-15 in the first period. The 2nd period, UMD spent more than half the period on the powerplay, scoring 4 powerplay goals in the period. The Whitecaps looked worn out in the 3rd period, after all of the special teams play in the 2nd period (besides, they played the night before at Ridder.) For a team that couldn't buy a powerplay goal in the 2nd half of the season, the powerplay was amazing.

Everyone who said Jamie Rasmussen was great, definitely was right on the mark with their comments. Every freshman will make those 'freshman mistakes,' and her 2 that I saw were pinching on defense during the play and leaving her D-partner in an oddman situation when the play got reversed.

Riitta Schaublin and Kim Martin split the game, with Riitta seeing more of the tough action early when both teams moved the puck up and down the ice. Martin looked good, and the only goal given up was sort a fluke that found it's way under her arm and rolled behind her to get knocked in the net.

Sarah O'Toole started off where she finished last season with 2 goals.

Emmanuelle Blais, a Freshman from Montreal, is one of the fastest players I've ever seen wear the UMD jersey. She flew to open pucks, and scored a nice give and go goal from Rasmussen.

Everyone that dressed for the game got on the ice and played well. If this team plays the powerplay like they did tonight, look for some big goal scoring numbers.

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