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Saturday, March 22, 2008

UMD #1 Wins National Championship

Just a few pictures from after the National Championship game that UMD won 4-0 over Wisconsin. I'll be throwing them on my photo-blog also, hence the blog address across the bottom of the pictures. CLICK on a photo to see it full (edited from original 3 megapixel size when taken to around 150-300kb depending on the picture.)

The first two are of the player mob after the final horn, notice the NCAA reps trying to hand out hats and t-shirts to the players. And, someone handed them the trophy a bit early, before the awards ceremony.

Next up, the Badgers receive their second place trophy

UMD's captains mobbed with the 1st place trophy!

The Team Salutes one side of the arena:

And then the other side of the arena:

Kim Martin for obvious reasons was named Most Outstanding Player of the tournament, which wasn't all that hard to decide who to give that to.

Rather than do a bunch of post about the game I just wanted to put a few pictures up and I'll post the News Tribune story Sunday.

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