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Saturday, November 29, 2008

UMD Wins 4-1, Completes Sweep of 'Big Green' Dartmouth

UMD dominated easily today... breaking the 40 shot mark in the second period. Kim Martin looked like herself the whole game.... I really like UMD's new forecheck and hope it wasn't JUST for this weekend.. they sent 4 into the zone most of the weekend.. and a forward was in position EVERY time to cover the pressing defenseman. While that can cost you occasional breakaways it worked well for them.

Jenni Asserholt has improved vastly from just the first weekend against Minnesota, she doesn't look out of place on the ice anymore after not playing in the North Dakota series, whether it was for injury or to to watch and learn from watching a series maybe... either way she looked comfortable on the ice this weekend.

Hailey Irwin had 11 shots on net and two more goals, and Jocelyne Larocque scored her first two goals (the 2nd was just a clear down ice into an open net with less than 1 second left on the clock) of the season.

Elin Holmlov and Pernilla Winberg each got 3 assists, on the important goals.

Next up, Bemidji State December 4th and 5th, 7:07 starts both nights at the DECC.

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