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Monday, October 09, 2006

BAD Scheduling

Last night I was looking at the women's schedule thinking about plans to head down to Ridder Arena to watch the series against the Gophers. When I looked at the men's schedule the Gopher men are up here the same weekend the Bulldog women go down there. That's the dumbest scheduling I think I've ever seen. While they aren't neccessarily going to make a schedule that suits everyone, you'd think for attendance purposes they wouldn't put the schools against each other one on the road and one at home on the same weekend. If you're going to schedule UMD VS Minnesota men and women on the same weekend, do it smart and make it a double header at the DECC or Ridder/Mariucci.

The other thing to bitch :) about today is again the UMD/Minnesota women's series in Duluth is being held at Mars/Lakeview arena on the Duluth Marshall school campus instead of the DECC. They screwed this up a few years ago and had to play at MARS also, so this isn't exactly a new thing, but that arena doesn't make for a good setting for college hockey any more than Wessman Arena does.

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