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Friday, October 06, 2006


Blitz-Linie translated from German to English is 'Lightning Line,' which I mentioned in the USCHO forum is a perfect fit for any line Michaela Lanzl is on from the story in the News Tribune today. "Shocking return" is the article's title and talks about how Lanzl was struck by lightning this summer at a BBQ. The article also mentions that she's, for now, classified as a senior by the NCAA because of her age (25.)

Because of football tonight, the game will be on the internet on WDSM's 710's link (posted in previous blog entry.)

Also on the news tribune the lines for tonight:


Sara O'Toole-Noemie Marin-Jessica Koizumi
Michaela Lanzl-Saara Tuominen-Emmanuelle Blais
Karine Demeule-Tawni Mattila-Jessica Hawkins
Erin Olson-Elin Holmlov-Kirsti Hakala

Jill Sales-Myriam Trepanier
Ashly Waggoner-Jaime Rasmussen
Suvi Vacker-Sarah Murray


Kim Martin, today; Riitta Schaublin, Saturday"

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