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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dogs handle Sioux 4-0 in VERY physical game.

UMD won 4-0 at the DECC today in what was the most physical **NON** UMD/Minnesota women's hockey game I've ever seen. The referee lost control relatively early on and never really regained it. He seemed to be out of position the whole game and turning his head about the time stuff happened. I'm not being homer on this one, because *BOTH* teams got away with a ton of stuff. Chippy might be an understatement of how the game turned in the second period, mostly due to the way the game was called. If the linesmen had called some of the stuff behind the play it could have cleaned up some. This is a much different North Dakota team than I remember. The third period was relatively clean compared to the first two, though maybe that was because nothing was called.

There were 'roughing to the head' penalties and 'elbowing' penalties if that's an indication of the physical play.

Riitta Schaublin played her normal great game, even though she only had to deal with 18 shots. Noemie Marin scored 2 goals from relatively "point blank" during the game. Koizumi didn't score any goals, but had 3 assists on the 4 UMD goals.' Lanzl scored her first goal of the season to close the game out, a sweet double deke, first on the defenseman then on the goaltender.

Kim Martin's expected to start Sunday, as mentioned in the News Tribune article in the previous short post.

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