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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dogs at Mankato

If anyone's taking the 3 hour trip down to Mankato for this weekend's opening series, OR if someone from Mankato might read this, you can send your thoughts on the weekend's series here to have it posted on the blog. You will be credited by either the name you give or the screen name you give to be posted. This is true for any series the Dogs play, even a home series, though I'll post about those myself also.

Hopefully this year I manage to get to a road series or two unlike previous years. Off subject: The Twins didn't play well and lost the playoff opener 3-2.

1 comment:

JustAFan-UMDW'sHcky said...

Hi… I made the 4 hr trip (one way) from beautiful northern Mn to hot windy southern Mn and it was worth the $$ in gas… UMD looked speedy & solid for most of the weekend… Friday night was a slow start – Mankato is much speedier this year than what I remember from last year – Maggie Fisher and Lindsay Macy having several breakaways- but they were also a lot more physical on Saturday, reminiscent of St Cloud. On Friday, in the first period, UMD didn’t seem to have the speed/ energy they had in the first 10 mins against the Whitecaps, at least in the first period. But, UMD picked things up throughout the game, and Saturday they looked really impressive. The freshman forwards Blais, Tuominmen, and Holmlov were very impressive, as were the freshman defense Murray and Rasmussen. The powerplay on Saturday seemed to really click, passes were crisp. The only negative I saw was how UMDs d-players would pinch in and Mankato would be able to get past for a breakaway. But maybe that’s because of who we have sitting in net? Both Riita and Kim looked good, and the goals Mankato got were due more to a break in UMD’s defense than anything else (my opinion)…

The only other comment I have is about the arena – All Seasons needs to get a shot clock, or their announcer needs to give some stats to the game…. I didn’t know the shots until I checked online once I was back in Duluth…

Looking forward to the games this weekend – should be lots of speed on the ice!