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Friday, October 06, 2006

Dogs beat Mankato 3-1 Friday

I didn't get home from the high school football time soon enough to hear even the post-game show tonight so I had to wait until collegehockeystats.net posted the score to see UMD had won.

Basically copying my USCHO post now for this since I didn't get to listen to the game.

"UMD scored 2 powerplay goals in their 3-1 win over Mankato. Blais got a goal AND an assist to start off her college career in the right direction. Marin scored twice and Koizumi got 2 assists.

Tomorrow's game is on AM 970 WGEE, the Midwest Communications ESPN Radio affiliate because of college football on 610 and 710. Short turnaround of course, the game starts at 3:07 pm."

Just judging from the stats, the team is flying and it's great to see they stayed out of the penalty box for the most part.

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